Here are the words to the first track on my first recording: Breakfast





‘been tryin’ to be a good man

‘been tryin’ to be the best form of higher primate that I can

They say we’re animals

Sometimes I’m not so sure

Would an animal tend to take more than his share and turn that Clear blue sky into a smoky blur?

Oh, animals...take what they need, when they need it,

and what they have to, when they have to

We’re not animals...


Well, I’ve been watchin’ politicians

I’ve been listenin’ to the Pope

So many people out there dyin’ of complacency, an’

Hopin’ all you need is hope

And while I know we-are a-mong-the many moving creatures that hath life

Sometimes I think we’d show a little more compassion to our brothers, our sisters, and our wives

Oh, what they want to, when they want to,

and animals...say what’s on their mind, if they say anything at all

We’re not animals...


Yesterday we was discussin’...this silly little thing that we have

You reminded me ‘we’re animals,’ and said I ‘ought to feel glad’

But sometimes I think that if I truly was a child of the wild I would not wait around 

I’d kick down your door, grab you by the hair, and lay you right there on the warm bare ground, 'cause what they want to, when they want to, and what they feel like, if they feel like, 

when they feel like, and

Animals...go where they wanna go, any time they feel like goin’...and

Animals...say what’s on their mind, if they say anything at all...

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