Some folks - especially musicians - like to know what equipment they are hearing.


I play a 1980 Guild D-50 that I bought in Boston used in 1993 for $750.00. Thing is a TANK....perfect for me. Sounds great too. It's set-up with a sub-saddle Fishman pickup.


I play a 1996 Tacoma Papoose P-1, which provides fun mandolin-y, banjo-y, and ukelele-y sounds when playing with others, or doubles as a fun travel guitar. It's basically like playing a regular acoustic that is capoed on the 5th fret.


When I plug in, it's a 1990 Fender American Standard Stratocaster with stock everything. I sold my 3000-pound Fender Twin Reverb and now noodle through a Peavey Envoy 110.


I also fiddle with Yamaha FG 410-12 string, a Yamaha piano, an Epiphone MM-50 mandolin, a Harmony banjo, a Hernandis classical guitar, a drumset, and various other noisemakers that my family and I use to stay entertained when we can peel ourselves away from Netflix.



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